The Guinea Garden Rescue

A home for guinea pigs in need

The Guinea Garden Rescue- a sanctuary for cavies in need

Last updated- jan 2016

The Guinea Garden opened in 2006 as a small sanctuary for guinea pigs in need. Due to various time, space and money constaints, we now only take in guinea pigs on a very occasional basis, and operate more of an advice service. 

Care of our residents

All our guinea pigs are fed daily pellet food and veg with unlimted hay. We provide as spacious accommodation as possible, plenty of enrichment, and put everyone out in runs as often as weather allows. Everyone will receive veterinary attention when needed, companionship and of course, lots of cuddles!

Our female guineas live in a large herd, and the males in smaller groups. Occasionally we get a grumpy pig, but they can usually be integrated into guinea pig society with time and patience. 

We will never breed from our guinea pigs, but will happily take in pregnant piggies. Female babies will stay with their mothers (where possible) and males will be paired off or added to the male herd, depending on temperament. 

As a general rule, we don't rehome our residents, they will live with us for the rest of their lives. However, we can often help with guinea pigs in need of friends, or people looking for new piggy family members, so get in touch.  

We don't recommend neutering, as it's such a risky procedure in small animals, so we will never neuter our pigs. Neutering will not stop male guinea pigs fighting, so if your vet recommends neutering to keep a male pair together, you need a new vet!

Contact us

Please email any enquiries on rehoming or guinea pig advice to [email protected]

We will try to get back to you within 24 hours (although we have lives outside of guinea pig cuddling, so please bear with us!).

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